Saturday, February 11, 2012


This picture makes me all sorts of HAPPY! (Photo: Brian Babineau)
Just some thoughts and brief musings on the fantastic game I witnessed today!! Also some pics. Enjoy!

Today was my 5th Bruins game this season. My record is 4-1, and my Peverley jersey, worn to the past 2 games, is undefeated! The games I have been to thus far this season:

  • Opening Night/Banner Raising Ceremony (Thursday October 6, 2011): Bruins 1, Flyers 2
  • Monday, November 7, 2011: Bruins 6, Islanders 2
  • Saturday, November 12, 2011: Bruins 6, Buffalo 2
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2012: Bruins 5, Jets 3
  • Saturday, February 11, 2012: Bruins 4, Predators 3 (Shootout)
Although it was thrilling to see the Bruins score prolifically in November, and the banner raised on opening night, and the amazing Shawn Thornton penalty shot goal against the Jets, I think this game today was probably the best one I have been to thus far this season. The goaltending was great (I can't count how many times I shook my fist in the air yelling angrily "RINNE!"). But the Bruins were definitely sick as hell of losing, and many players - especially Lucic (who, for the record, I think plays GREAT with Peverley. Keep those two together!). I was so glad he scored because he had been working for it all night. 

Of course Marchand's set up for Bergy's shorthander was reminiscent of the SCF. The Bergeron finish on that shot was fabulous. It takes some hard as hell work to beat Rinne (except when he's wandering and puck bounces wildly all sorts of ways off the glass), and there were an unbelievably number of opportunities that were frustrating as hell when they didn't capitalize. The questionable call on McQuaid led to a familiar situation - Weber PP goal  (NEVER LET SHEA WEBER TAKE A SHOT FROM THE POINT. GAWD.) The reffing was pretty suspect all night. But when is it not, I guess? 

Paille's goal on the feed from Thornton was so relieving and hilarious cause it's Paille. But then the 2 Preds goals to take a 3-2 lead (perhaps some save-able ones in retrospect) literally broke my heart. I wanted to cry. At this point I was gripping the rail in front of me intensely, heart racing, actually was so exciting, although of course I wanted to throw up from fear that they wouldn't be able to come back..

This one makes me all kinds of elation too.
At first it seemed to deflate the Bruins a little bit, but they bounced back much like the Bruins we used to know and love! Lucic worked his ass off all night and (ON A FEED FROM PEVS!) finally got his 20th goal, with under 2 minutes to go. Absolutely amazing! I've been to lots of Bruins games and I have screamed my head off with joy and elation and everything at great games before, and this was one of them! I, of course, always jump up and scream and clap when they score any goal, but in cases like this, it was an incredible feeling - I jumped up and down and screamed even louder, double high-fived, and generally felt all those awesome things that make loving a team and seeing them play a really great game so valuable. 

Rinne really does carry that Predators team. And given that we've been shutout twice since February began (HURRICANES? REALLY?? SABRES?! REALLY??!), the fact that the Bruins pushed through to beat and frustrated Rinne - certainly a Vezina candidate this year, and perhaps Hart too - which was impressive. It gives me a lot of hope for the Rangers game on Tuesday, as Lundqvist is much like Rinne in his Vezina- and -Hart-trophy finalist likelihood, as well as being skilled enough to be a major component in Rangers ability to win as often as they do. 

Overtime was so exciting, and when it goes to a shootout, I am always terrified. I generally have a losing record when I attend games that go to a shootout. But the Bruins have been pretty solid in shootouts this year, and my God, this one was so wonderful!! Timmy made 2 GREAT saves, and aside from Krejci's questionable insertion into the shooter lineup, Seguin's dazzling move on his shootout goal and then Bergy's victory-clinching goal were absolutely indescribable in terms of how excited and happy I was. Bergy had a fantastic game. He definitely deserved #1 star, but Lucic could also have earned that honor (appropriately #2 star though) because, damn, I was loving Lucic's energy. Pouliot seems so close to scoring...I think that line is held back by Caron a bit too much. The shot differential was unbelievable. Just...what the fuck? But I loved seeing the Bruins put that many shots on net.

All in all... what a perfectly and intensely AWESOME game. Here's to another fantastic game and Bruins win on Tuesday against the Rangers (I'll be at this game too!)

View from today's seats (love these seats - 307)

Saw some dude at the game wearing this shirt. Had to take a pic.
"I use instagram, therefore I am art." Took this pic before I left because I was so super excited!

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