Monday, May 27, 2013

35 MORE! Reasons To Love Tuukka

Because we can't get enough! And because reason #1 was reason alone to make another list. Make sure you read the first 40 Reasons, of course.

41. He gives us ridiculous, silly goals to trick the Rangers into thinking they are still in the series. Or because he seriously did fall down for no reason, but can still laugh it off and move on. I'm going with "did it on purpose for shits and giggles."

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42. He falls over a lot, but mostly it's on purpose, and he makes awesome saves:

43. Channeled his hate for Swedes into beating Lundqvist.

Or nationality had nothing to do with it. But he still won a series against one of the best goalies in the world..yay!

44. He is a teacher. Helping the future.

Actually using an overhead projector.
Mr. Rask is now taking questions.
Probably pointing out Finland on a map.

45. He is a gentleman who give the Stanley Cup it's own seat.

46. On top of being Santa and Rudolph, he is an Elf.

(Note: he may actually be an elf, because I'm pretty sure they come from Finland if they do exist.)

47. And also, a Christmas tree..

48. If he is annoyed by something during an interview, he will react accordingly:

49. But he has good manners.

50. And is quite nice too.

51. He obeys rules, doesn't smoke, and stays hydrated!

52. He is the most excited to bring the Stanley Cup to the Patriots game.

53. Look at him throw a baseball.

54. His orange skin indicates he is sometimes an oompa loompa.

55. I believe he adopted all these children. 

56. He apparently played for a team once with this name

Go Cock Soup!

57. He is ALWAYS ready for a photo.

58. Look at those bathing suit trunks

Don't you want to go swimming with him?

59. The team's "player of the game" Army Ranger jacket is hilariously large on him. 

Also, still rocking the Boston PD hat.

60. He looked like this as a child

61. He does his best to grow a playoff beard.

62. This picture of him with a member of Aerosmith

He totally looks like the actual rockstar. 

63. There he is with Dave Grohl too!

He maintains equal awesome in a picture with Dave Grohl, which is an amazing accomplishment.

64. Still looks like Dracula with slicked back hair.

65. Sometimes he gets run over and just shakes it off.

66. He will not be fooled by your silly shootout moves, Kaspars Daugavins.

67. He actually is so intimidating, he scares the puck off the stick of approaching shooters.

68. We do not appreciate how sparkly his mask his.

69. Remember how well he dresses?


71. He's probably purposely punching Kaberle in the stomach here.

72. He likes to be aggressive in net.

73. Fuck you, AHL ref.

And you too, NHL linesman.

74. He has a future as an architect.

75. He deserves all the hugs. So let's show him all the love he deserves!

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