Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stanley Cup-Winning Goal Scorers 1990-2011(2012)

here’s the list of the goals you’re seeing (listed by year: player (game #, time, period), winning team over losing team, final series game count).

  • 1990: Craig Simpson (g5 9:21 2nd), Edmonton Oilers over Boston Bruins 4-1
  • 1991: Ulf Samuelsson (ugh) (g6 2:00 1st), Pittsburgh Penguins over Minnesota North Stars 4-2
  • 1992: Ron Francis (g4 7:50 3rd), Pittsburgh Penguins over Chicago Blackhawks 4-0
  • 1993: Kirk Muller (g5 3:51 2nd), Montreal Canadiens over Los Angeles Kings 4-1
  • 1994: Mark Messier (g7 13:29 2nd), New York Rangers over Vancouver Canucks 4-3
  • 1995: Neal Broten (g4 7:56 2nd), New Jersey Devils over Detroit Red Wings 4-0
  • 1996: Uwe Krupp (g4 4:31 3OT), Colorado Avalanche over Florida Panthers 4-0
  • 1997: Darren McCarty (g4 13:02 2nd), Detroit Red Wings over Philadelphia Flyers 4-0
  • 1998: Martin Lapointe (g4 2:26 2nd), Detroit Red Wings over Washington Capitals 4-0
  • 1999: Brett Hull (g6 14:51 3OT), Dallas Stars over Buffalo Sabres 4-2
  • 2000: Jaosn Arnott (g6 8:20 2OT), New Jersey Devils over Dallas Stars 4-2
  • 2001: Alex Tanguay (g7 4:57 2nd), Colorado Avalanche over New Jersey Devils 4-3
  • 2002: Brendan Shanahan (g5 14:04 2nd), Detroit Red Wings over Carolina Hurricanes 4-1
  • 2003: Michael Rupp (g7 2:22 2nd), New Jersey Devils over Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 4-3
  • 2004: Ruslan Fedotenko (g7 14:38 2nd), Tampa Bay Lightning over Calgary Flames 4-3
  • 2005: none 
  • 2006: Frantisek Kaberle (g7 4:18 2nd), Carolina Hurriances over Edmonton Oilers 4-3
  • 2007: Trave Moen (g5, 15:44 2nd), Anaheim Ducks over Ottawa Senators 4-1
  • 2008: Henrik Zetterberg (g6 7:36 3rd), Detroit Red Wings over Pittsburgh Penguins 4-2
  • 2009: Maxime Talbot (g7 10:07 2nd), Pittsburgh Penguins over Detroit Red Wings 4-3
  • 2010: Patrick Kane (g6 4:06 OT), Chicago Blackhawks over Philadelphia Flyers 4-2
  • 2011: Patrice Bergeron (g7 14:37 1st), Boston Bruins over Vancouver Canucks 4-3
  • Not featured in video: 2012: Jeff Carter (g6 12:45 1st), Los Angeles Kings over New Jersey Devils 4-2
I personally remember all of these starting with 1996. Consequently, 1996 is one of my favorites. My favorite is obviously is the Boston Bruins Cup championship, even though that goal was very anti-climactic but still awesome. My favorites are all overtime winners, except for Chicago's, because of how exciting it is and how closely I followed those series - especially 1999 and 2000. Those are 2 of my favorite all-time games, period. I was rooting for the team that ended up winning in both cases. Awesomely, my favorite player in 2000 scored the Cup winning goal, as did my favorite player in 2011!

My least favorites are 1991 because I hate Ulf Samuelsson, and 2007 because I just feel so bad for that player who scored on his own goaltender, and I feel very bad for the goaltender, because I always feel bad for goaltenders for some reason (even Luongo and Hasek).

Some interesting tidbits (all info is from 1990 and on, so exclusively the last 22 years, NOT all time):

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Movie Posters and Whatnot

Massive picture post of many minimalist and other varieties of movie posters and a few other random things...

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From Warriors to Monarchs

Click read more to view many pictures interspersed with lengthy talk about my memories of my siblings hockey careers as I was growing up. But most importantly, the Lady Monarchs Jersey Quest (photographed) was fulfilled.