Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off-the-Ice Alter-Egos

I normally wouldn't actually try to write something like this the way I did here, but it was helpful for me to express my surprisingly rational feelings about Tim Thomas' greatness on the ice and poor discretion off of it. I think the following reflects the final stage in the grieving process - acceptance.

Ever since the White House "incident" last season and his Facebook posting about it, I have gone back and forth between thinking Tim Thomas is an obnoxious idiot for saying that shit on Facebook and thinking everyone who judges him for it is an obnoxious idiot. The bottom line is that I love Tim Thomas for what he has done for the Bruins and that will never change. But why must he continue to progress into a more and more unlikable person off the ice? While I will always love and appreciate Thomas, I am not so sure that him possibly never returning to the Bruins is a bad thing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

35 Favorite Friends Episodes

Below is the list of my top 35 episodes of Friends. The number is 35 because that is the smallest number I could realistically reduce the list to. I have a hard time narrowing things down, and there are so many great Friends episodes. I tried to pick the same amount from each season. They are listed in chronological order, not in order of favorites. It is listed as Season, Episode, Title, and original air date. Then below that I list each episode in a bit more detail, since the title doesn't always do a good job of indicating all the story lines of the episodes!