Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bruins 5, Jets 3 (1/10/2011)

Tonight I went to the Bruins/Jets game at the Garden. I got these tickets for Christmas; they were located in balcony 312, which is the corner behind where the Bruins shoot twice, row 4. Here is the view from the seats:

It was kind of boring in the first few periods cause the Bruins were playing poorly. Was so pumped when Tuukka stopped the Jets penalty shot, and I am pretty sure I can die happy having seen that awesome Thornton penalty shot goal. The reffing was so awful, but I'll take it!

I was sad to see Thornton and Stu fight. But happy Wheeler scored and the Bruins still won. I wore my old Bruins Wheeler shirt under my Peverley jersey. Both Horton goals were identical to game 7 goal versus Tampa. It was great.

I am now 3-1 this season. After the first game which was a loss to Philly, I saw them score 12 goals in one week in November (two 6-goal wins) and now they scored 5 tonight. Pretty awesome! But I forget how enraged the Garden crowd makes me. Chanting "we want Marchand"...way to support your team currently on the ice...chanting "USA" after Canadian Tyler Seguin scores a goal, and the only American on the ice is Corvo..."We Want Timmy" after Tuukka let in the 3rd goal...and the one thing that almost gave me a stroke from anger was "Tebow sucks". These are the idiots driving up Bruins ticket prices...oh well. At least they won!

Me in my Peverley jersey and a friend in his. What awesome two people we are with our Pez jerseys.

Also, at a bar after the game, there was a man with a Bruins Cup ring. Apparently he used to play for them but is now some sort of youth hockey coordinator with the team. He let us all try on the ring. It was so beautiful. And heavy.

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