Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Bruins/Caps Notes

  • In case you haven’t heard, Backstrom’s automatic disciplinary hearing that comes with a match penalty has been moved up from tomorrow to today at 3:30 PM aka RIGHT NOW.
  • Last night, Chimera DID NOT apologize to Marchand. Alzner, however, apologized to Marchand at the Bruins team bus after the game for an incident in the 2nd period that involved an unintentionally dirty hit.
  • Dale Hunter thinks the Bruins are targeting Backstrom’s head, presumably because the only thing Hunter knows about hockey involves cheap shots and injuring other peoples heads on purpose.
  • Claude Julien’s only comment on Backstrom’s crosscheck was the same as always (“it’s not our job, it’s up to the league, and we support them”), but he did say that while the team expects that type of play in the playoffs, he feels “disappointed, personally” that this was the THIRD TIME in THREE GAMES that a Cap has cross-checked a Bruin in the face. and he’s right.
  • Chris Kelly is on NHL Live today doing an interview.
  • He also had a great quote yesterday in response to Alzner’s “crybaby” gesture at Lucic; he said that he is pretty sure Lucic has never cried in his life, even as a baby
  • Paille got the team link chain last night
  • A bird shit on Tyler Seguin and his phone at lunch today

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