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LOTS of Bruins 11-12 Highlights

As the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals loom just 2 days away, us Bruins fans are struggling to cope with the reality that the Bruins are not part of it this year. Every aspect of the playoffs taking place leading up to the beginning of the Devils/Kings finals series on Wednesday reminds me that the Bruins were there last year, and it makes me so sad (sadder than I already am) that they aren't there anymore - and even more so, that what seems like yesterday when they were there, was actually a year ago. To try to cope with this sadness, I will post some of my favorite videos from the 2011-2012 Bruins regular season, which offered some amazing moments in and of itself.

These are in no particular order, and are only a dozen of the endless amount of videos I wanted to post, and perhaps plan on posting this summer.

I have to admit, looking through these season's highlights, I realized how unbelievably fortunate I was as a Bruins fan this year to experience a dozen home games that were all (except for 1 or 2) absolutely fantastic! I have so many wonderful Bruins memories over the years, starting with my first game in 1997. I miss them so much, and look forward to the wonderful memories they are going to give me the opportunity to be apart of in the years to come.

Best Goal of the Year in the League, period.
Who: Benoit Pouliot
When: December 23, 2011
Where: Boston
Against: Florida Panthers

Krejci Hat Trick in OT
Who: David Krejci
When: March 1, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: New Jersey Devils
Note: I was at this game! It was amazing. I went out on a limb and purchased some really expensive loge seats, and my God, it was worth it!!

The shorthanded penalty shot goal that trumps any fight he ever had
Who: Shawn Thornton
When: January 10, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: Winnipeg Jets
Note: I was at this game as well, and it was one of the top non-playoff Bruins games I ever witnessed!

Bruins come back from 2-0 deficit with less than 2 minutes
Who: Andrew Ference, David Krejci
When: March 29, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: Washington Capitals

Thank you Kessel. Seriously, thank you! Seguin hat trick!
Who: Tyler Seguin
When: November 5, 2011.
Where: Toronto
Against: Toronto Maple Leafs
Note: It took me some time to embrace Tyler Seguin, but he completely won me over this season. After his first 2 goals in this game, I declared that I would do something that was previously unthinkable for me - buy a Seguin shirt - if he got a hat trick IN TORONTO. And he did it. And it was awesome. And now I own a Seguin shirt.

Thomas Save on Stamkos
Who: Tim Thomas
When: March 27, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: Tampa Bay Lightning

Lucic ties it Late, Bruins win in Shootout
Who: Milan Lucic
When: February 11, 2012
Where; Boston
Against: Nashville Predators
Note: I wanted to include the entire shootout from this game, because that was what really made it spectacular on top of Lucic tying it late. I was also at this game, and it was awesome.
Since I couldn't find the whole shootout on youtube, here is the game highlights from the Bruins site.

Because he's perfect
Who: Patrice Bergeron
When: February 15, 2012
Where: Montreal
Against: Montreal Canadiens

Marchand 1st Career Hat Trick
Who: Brad Marchand
When: December 23, 2011 (same game as Pouliot goal)
Where: Boston
Against: Florida Panthers

Thomas steals shootout, Pouliot gets winner, extend win streak to 10
Who: Tim Thomas, Benoit Pouliot
When: November 23, 2011
Where: Buffalo
Against: Buffalo Sabres

Seidenberg from center ice (again)
Who: Dennis Seidenberg
When: January 21, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: Ottawa Senators

Bruins beat Flyers in Shootout
Who: Team
When: March 17, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: Philadelphia Flyers
Note: I can't find a better video :(

Tuukka Save on Pacioretty Breakaway
Who: Tuukka Rask
When: October 29, 2011
Where: Boston
Against: Montreal Canadiens

1st Career NHL Goal
Who: Carter Camper
When: February 25, 2012
Where: Ottawa
Against: Ottawa Senators

Thornton asks Rinaldo to turn around
Who: Shawn Thornton
When: October 6, 2011
Where: Boston
Against: Philadelphia Flyers

Soldier Surprises Parents at Center Ice
When: November 12, 2011
Where: Boston
Note: Because of where I was sitting, as I've talked about before, this moment is especially cool to me.

Banner Raising Ceremony, Opening Night 2011
Who: Team
When: October, 6, 2011
Where: Boston
Note: This is the full uncut version! It was awesome (I was there!)

Chara 1,000th game ceremony
Who: Zdeno Chara
When: Mach 27, 2012
Where: Boston

Brian Rolston Game 3 Goal
Who: Brian Rolston
When: April 16, 2012
Where: Washington
Against: Washington Capitals

Game 1 OT Winner
Who: Chris Kelly
When: April 12, 2012
Where: Boston
Against: Washington Capitals
Note: This was the 2nd time I have seen the Bruins win a playoff game, and the 1st in OT. It was amazing, it almost makes up for the fucking nightmare of losing in game 7.
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