Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Learn Some Irrelevant, Possibly Incorrect Krejci Things

Don't you ever desperately want to pass the time until the next series, but it's only Monday night, into Tuesday morning, and the series doesn't start until Saturday? And suddenly you're in a black hole of YouTube videos that have nothing to do with the Bruins, and you really miss Blake Wheeler? I looped back around to David Krejci thankfully...and stumbled upon some semi-recent interviews from the lockout when he was over in the Czech Republic.

Here is the video, which, can you believe?! is in Czech! Why would they be speaking Czech in the Czech Republic? I watched a few minutes of this despite knowing it was entirely in a language I cannot comprehend because I'm really bored, I like watching Krejci speak Czech, the set is cool, and it felt like "Inside the Actors Studio" a little bit.

When spontaneous English did not happen, I deferred to twitter to help me find someone to translate the video. And since twitter is awesome and full of great people, this wonderful woman came to the rescue! This interview isn't actually interesting, and doesn't have any worthwhile insight, which makes it even more wonderful that she took the time to translate it for me. Seriously, thank you!

Below is the video and the tidbits that were worth sharing because I'm starved for entertainment.

  • I'm paraphrasing the summarized translation, so this should be fun. 
  • Unfortunately, this is during the lockout, so we don't have any insight on the actual season, and we definitely don't have any insight on being teammates with Jagr. Silent tear rolling down my cheek.
  • He expressed uncertainty on the length of the lockout, such as when the host asks him if he has his Stanley Cup championship ring with him and Krejci says he has it back in Boston because he doesn't know how much longer he's going to be staying in the country.
  • Krejci actually lingered around longer waiting for the season to start...he spent the summer here (in the US), while others Czech players like Jagr, Plekanec, and Hemsky made decisions about which teams to play for in Europe.
  • Krejci played for Pardubice because it was part of the highest Czech league, Extraliga. He grew up in Olomouc.
  • Around the 3:30 mark they talk about how he speaks Czech when he's with Chara, since Chara speaks both languages (most Bruins fans know he speaks like nine languages). I am giggling imagining Chara and Krejci talking Czech to each other.
  • The host thinks Krejci speaks with very much of an American accent now, although Krejci says his family doesn't think he does. I find this interesting because Krejci is still kind of hard to understand when he speaks English but he certainly is much easier to understand with each passing season that he has been here. The host chalks this up to the fact that he (the host) doesn't speak English very much at all himself.
  • Around the 6:45 mark, the host asks about the tradition of spending 24 hours with the Stanley Cup; since he doesn't really understand the tradition. He asks Krejci "if he cuddled the trophy or what. David answered he would cuddle but two bodyguards will be with him and the Stanley Cup." I wonder why Krejci can't spoon the Cup with bodyguards present. Then I am laughing hysterically remembering this from the joint interview with Kaberle:
  • My favorite part of the translation/summary (comes at 10:20) is when Krejci is talking about Boston, and says he likes life here and wants to continue to stay here, and would come back to the Czech Republic once a year. The main point I'm taking away from that is Krejci wants to be a Bruin forever...whether or not that is accurate from the interview, I do not care. GIVE HIM A LIFE CONTRACT!
There are your Krejci facts for the day! Enjoy! And tell Viktorka she is awesome for watching that probably semi-boring interview and bothering to translate any of it at all for me! Oh and here is the video:


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