Saturday, December 24, 2011

15 Reasons the Bruins Would Make the Best Team to Follow on HBO 24/7

HBO's 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic is definitely great for hockey, and despite the fact that so far it has exclusively featured teams that I hate, it is still very interesting to watch. This year seems to be lacking in true entertainment value outside of Ilya Bryzgalov being hilarious or Tortorella being pretty awesome. Even watching Lundqvist rock out with John McEnroe wasn't that entertaining to me. Perhaps it's just the director this year, or there just isn't that much good material, but mostly I think it's just the forced and manufactured "rivalry" between the two teams plus the lack of real personality or character on either team. I am almost positive that this is pure bias in what I'm about to say, but I think that the Bruins would be hands down the best team in the NHL to watch on 24/7. I think many agree with me without me having to lay out the reasons, but just in case, here are the first 15 things I could think of:

  1. Strong personalities. Shawn Thornton is probably the most hilarious guy in hockey, and would give a new perspective to what people view as the traditional “enforcer”.
  2. Everyone loves Tim Thomas.
  3. Plenty of drama. Imagine the goalie temper tantrums in practice, the Lucic bitching for his penalties and suspensions, Marchand chirping and scoring hat tricks, Seguin getting scratched for sleeping through team meetings, Campbell conspiracies.
  4. Rene Rancourt singing anthems and fist pumping.
  5. As the original US team, they have both history and strong rivalries with just about any team you pair them up with in the East or Original 6 out West.
  6. Team bond. They are all close friends with strong relationships and friendships.
  7. Show us any of their adorable children. 
  8. The management has strong character like the team; Cam Neely and Chiarelli would be fascinating to follow.
  9. Hot topics like concussions can easily be explored given Savard’s situation and Bergeron’s past with concussions, as well as Horton’s.
  10. Seguin and Marchand unwilling and unable to keep their shirts on.
  11. Show the true colors of the Bruins, hopefully breaking down the inaccurate assumptions that they are a dirty team and show the heart of the locker room.
  12. Potential Mark Recchi cameos.
  13. The active role they play in the community and in charitable events. Especially if it involves wearing velour Merlot jackets.
  14. Strong leaders in Chara, Bergeron, and the rest that portray a unique, blue-collar work ethic that won them the Stanley Cup.
  15. The culture of Boston and the culture of sports in Boston.
Here are a few bonus reasons:
  • The most obvious, it almost went without saying: they are the reigning Stanley Cup Champions and current best team in the league. 
  • Jack Edwards interviews? Just one sound bite would be enough.
  • Andrew Ference teaching the world about recycling and riding your bike everywhere.
  • Timmy eating cheeseburgers and Tuukka wearing cardigans.
For the sake of pretending to be objective, here are some negatives I thought of:
  • Seeing nothing but the guys playing XBox when they're not playing hockey.
  • Overdosing on Lucic "uhhhhhhh"
  • No more Marco Sturm to score the OT game-winning goal and Sturmfacing the Winter Classic into eternity.
What reasons that I didn't mention can you think of?

For now, this is all wishful thinking, but who knows which teams the NHL will decide to play in next year's Winter Classic. If they did allow Boston to be apart of it again, it probably wouldn't take place at Fenway again. Where would you like to see it take place? 

Remember, next season will be the first one under new realignment. That means it will probably two teams from the same conference out of the four if it's the Bruins, their biggest rivals would be Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, or Florida. Sorry, I was laughing when I said Tampa and Florida. And we all know the NHL won't do a WC in Canada, and Buffalo already hosted looks like our hopes for Bruins in the WC would rest on basing the rivalry with original six teams like Chicago or Detroit. Doesn't sound good for the Bruins. 

But what do you think the realistic chances of seeing the Bruins on 24/7 are?

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