Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflecting on 2011: History Will Be Made

I'm awful at recalling specific details from yesterday, let alone this past I decided to do my own sort of review of 2011 by summing it up into the few months that was the Bruins playoff run and Stanley Cup championship. Instead of picking out individual highlights, I decided to let those beautiful "History Will Be Made" commercials from the playoffs sum it all up for me. I have posted in chronological order every single Bruins "History" commercial from the April-June 2011 months. Every single video gave me the chills, and I gotta be honest...I am totally tearing up and crying some tears of joy in reliving it. Thank you for these commercials, NHL, but most of all...thank you for what you accomplished in 2011, Boston Bruins. Here's to doing it again in 2012.

Get the duck boats ready...

Round 1: Conference Quarterfinals vs Montreal Canadiens

History Happens in Double OT

Round 2: Conference Semifinals vs Philadelphia Flyers

History Doesn't Let Up

History Doesn't Let History Repeat

Round 3: Conference Finals vs Tampa Bay Lightning

History Doesn't Act It's Age

History Lets Nothing By

History Doesn't Back Down

History Awaits

Round 4: Stanley Cup Finals

History Makes a Statement

History Rides the Hot Hand

History Works Fast


and one unofficial video...

Thank you, Boston. I can't even try to put into words how much joy this has brought me. My heart hurts from being so happy, and I am so lucky to have witnessed this. Every single member of that team (even Kaberle, a little bit) has profoundly affected my life and changed it for the better. It's just so beautiful...

Which "History" video is your favorite? There are seveal moments from the playoffs that aren't in these videos that I wanted to include, but decided to keep it just purely the NHL "History" commercials. Please post some of your favorites that are not in the videos above!

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