Friday, February 17, 2012

Crying into Peverley Jersey..

Here is a preview of the game tonight.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OF THE TRADE THAT SENT WHEELER AND STUART TO ATLANTA IN EXCHANGE FOR PEVERLEY AND SOME OTHER GUY. Like all great anniversaries, and in my cast, birthdays (yesterday), consider jumping off a bridge with me.

Now let's all hold hands and cry about the Peverley news.

The injury: 3rd degree sprain of the MCL in the right knee.

What does that even mean?: MCL is Medial Collateral Ligament; 3rd degree is a COMPLETE tear of the ligament. This type of injury may never quite heal, although it is the most comment ligament sprain of the 4 major ligaments in the knee. Read more in detail about confusing physiological medical stuff here.

This hit from Hal Gill did not even get reviewed by Shanahan. Cause knee on knee hits aren't dangerous at all...they don't end the careers of like, Cam Neely or anyone important.

Cause, of course, this hit wasn't dirty at all. Oh wait, have you seen this?

Don't forget - AT LEAST 4-6 weeks is the projected time Peverley will miss. But like I said, and the many google results for the search of MCL sprains, 3rd degree is pretty serious and can damage other parts of the knee (such as ACL and the meniscus). The stability of the knee will forever be weakened.

As I panic, I question if Peverley will be able to skate as fast as he can. 

At least we can rest knowing Hal Gill will forever suck.

Also, for reference, here are some clips of similar - if not exactly the same - knee-on-knee cheap shots (including 2 Ovechkins, several Matt Cookes, and I didn't even search for either of those players - also includes Ulf Samulesson hit on Neely).

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