Friday, February 17, 2012

My Game on 2/14 and other Recent Bruins Thoughts


As part of this previously established log of the games I have attended thus far this season, I will reflect upon the Valentine's Day game against the Rangers...ahh what a shit show. (Boxscore)

My Valentine/guest was my friend Cassie, who had never been to a game before. She was very excited, so I was very sad she did not even get to experience a goal. But she still seemed to have a great time, and I hope to bring her to a game again soon, hopefully a win...

She wore my Bergeron jersey, and then afterwards, bought me this teeny tiny shot glass mug for a birthday present (my birthday was yesterday)

Here it is with the rest of my shot glass collection
Here it is next to a regular mug that I got several years ago!
She also got me these beautiful yellow roses!
I was pretty sick the whole game. I head to leave several times to try to vomit in the bathroom in between angrily shaking my fist skyward and yelling LUNDQVIST!!! What a jerk, playing so perfectly. Anyway, our seats were in Balcony 329, row 3, which were pretty great seats (I have these exact same seats for the game against Buffalo in early March, then loge seats against Buffalo in early April as well!). I love lower row balcony seats. Here is a picture of our view taken with my iPhone.

By the way, a fun game to play at this game was "take a shot every time you see a "be my valentine Tyler" or any variation of it...if I had actually taken any shots or drank at all, I would have certainly died of alcohol poisoning. Here are a bunch of pictures from

I miss you already

Anyway, at least they won in Montreal the next night. That was a good game at least, except for that vicious knee on Peverley by Hal Gill. By the way, what is with that ridiculous contract extension for Boychuk? Wow. I am nervous about still unsigned upcoming UFAs (Kelly, Campbell...) and unsigned RAs (Rask)...and I wait anxiously and with stomach ulcers on the upcoming trade deadline. With the knee injury to Peverley and extended absence of Horton, as well as our inconsistent defense (and often awful...cough Corvo), gotta feel like something is definitely going to happen. But what would the Bruins give up? I don't know about these things, and I try to trust Chia, so I await patiently. Looking forward (I think) to Jets game tonight...I will be writing a preview on it in a bit.

Oh and by the way, I made some charts in this post over a A Cup a Bruin with some new graphs to illustrate top scorers. 

As for my birthday yesterday, I didn't do anything at all. I wasn't feeling well still. But I got some cash from my parents, which I want to get Bruins tickets with, but $100 won't buy shit. Well at least not as far as Bruins tickets...but I'll mull it over. I want to spend it on something good!! 

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