Friday, April 13, 2012

Bruins 1, Caps 0 (OT) Game 1 (4/12/12)

Last night was awesome! I went to the first Bruins playoff game in 2 years, saw them win a playoff game in person for only the 2nd time in my life, and saw them win a playoff game in OT for the first time! What an amazing experience! We had great seats (Loge 9, Row 11). Here are all my photos uploaded to flickr.

Before the game, we went up to say hello to the TD Garden organist Ron Poster. He rules.

And here is the view from the 9th level:

Here is the view from our actual seats:

It was awesome - right on the goal line. The only downside was that the only goal scored was on the opposite end. Oh well! Most exhilarating moment of my life!!

The game was so much fun. Kudos to Capitals goalie Holtby for playing incredibly well for a 3rd string goalie. I'd say I can't believe how awful the Bruins PP was - but it is actually quite believable. 

What an incredible atmosphere being at a playoff game! Being in loge was awesome too because the giant banner went right over us!

I really wanted to get a Kelly shirt after the game but I had no money left. What an awesome year he is having. I really hope he re-signs here in the off season. I know he could get a lot of money anywhere in the NHL when he hits unrestricted free agency on July 1st because of his career season but I really hope that both he/his agent and Chiarelli do whatever they can to come to an agreement to stay here. 

Do you know how unbelievably pumped I was that Rolston got an assist on that goal too? Oh my GOD I LOVE HIM. And Pouliot getting an assist to gives him half as many points in 1 game with the Bruins in the playoffs than 20+ career playoff games in his career previously. If this line is able to continue to produce scoring for the Bruins, they will effectively fill the role of last year's 3rd line (of Peverley-Kelly-Ryder), which is a great thing especially since many have questioned the big scoring hole left without Ryder, Recchi, or Horton this year. 

Keep in mind that the 1st game the Bruins won last playoff season (Game 3 vs Montreal), the game-winning goal came from the 3rd line (Peverley goal). So that trend is nice. Also, the trend of things hitting Krejci in the head. Last year, he was pelted with plastic noise makers in Tampa Bay, and last night, he had a 120 lbs pane of glass fall on top of him during the celebration after the OT goal. What a freak incident that was! Thank God he is okay even though he missed practice today. Fans: that is why you do not bang incessantly and obnoxiously on the glass!

I was pretty worried that the Bruins were gonna follow that trend of outplaying their opponent and outshooting them like they did last night but unable to score, and then give up one goal and lose the game. So incredibly happy that wasn't the case obviously, and it really made for a great game and a good statement about how the Bruins change their play in the postseason. Although...the awful PP still kills me. 

Dennis Seidenberg following Alex Ovechkin around all night was so fun to watch. I love that German. I was pleasantly surprised that the defenseman on the ice who set up Rolston to pass to Pouliot to pass to Kelly for the game-winner was...Joe Corvo! With Adam McQuaid injured, I know most Bruins fans were worried that Corvo would do what he did all season - be more of a liability on defense than asset on offense. I think his d-parter Greg Zanon was a good match for him and played well. 

I saw post-game video at a bar of Chris Kelly wearing that chain around his neck and just found out the deal with it (video of Andrew Ference explaining here). I love Andrew Ference for shit like that. Waiting for Kevin Bieksa to knock it as pee-wee prison hockey chain, amirite?

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